Online Guide Transmittal 2014-08: Processing Federal Tax Information (FTI) Documents


Overview Documents containing Federal Tax Information (FTI) are sent to a secure FAX number in Central Office. Documents containing FTI that are received by TAO’s must not be transmitted via email or facsimile machines. 

If there is an appeal involving FTI due to a case closing, overpayment obligation and/or administrative disqualification hearing please forward the hearing notice to: 

Department of Transitional Assistance, Data Match Supervisor, 600 Washington Street 5th Floor, Boston, MA 02111.

New BEACON Online Guide Pages: The following page has been added to the Cross Programs section of the Online Guide: Topic: Cross Programs  Book: Overpayment and Recoveries  Chapter: Overpayment and Recoveries Page: Processing Federal Tax Information Documents

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