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Online Guide Transmittal 2014-06: Changes to the Business Process Redesign Section of the Online Guide


The following pages have been added to the Business Process Redesign (BPR) section of the Online Guide:

  • Missing Documents
  • Locating TAO Information by Catchment Area
  • Manager Level Review
  • SNAP Recertifications and Interim Reports Deemed Urgent
  • SNAP Recertifications Deemed Urgent (Combo Cases)

The following pages in the Business Process Redesign (BPR) section of the Online Guide have been updated:

  • Dropped-Off SNAP Applications
  • Supervisory Review Actions
  • Dismissing an Action
  • Creating Follow-Up Actions
  • Completing BEACON Narratives
  • Handling Incomplete/Unsigned Forms
  • Phone Queue Actions
  • Receiving Calls in the Phone Queue
  • Phone Queue
  • SNAP Only Queue Assignment
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