OLGT 2024-31: Cross Programs: Community and Outreach Liaisons


In January 2024, the previously existing community liaison role was divided to better handle the growing demand for community engagement. This division resulted in the creation of separate roles for community and outreach liaisons.

The community liaison role shifted to a regional model, with staff members volunteering to take part. These individuals collaborate with the designated managers for each region to attend community events in their respective regions. They also disseminate information about DTA services and initiatives supporting food access and economic mobility during community events. Their duties include preparation of outreach materials ahead of the events and will be responsible for the quarterly update of the State Resource Guide in coordination with individual TAOs.

The outreach liaison role shifted from a TAO model to a statewide model. The selected outreach liaisons are responsible for supporting the over 100 partnering organizations across the state, and act as intermediaries connecting outreach partners with the DTA. They may address policy inquiries, conduct eligibility interviews, aid in verifications, handle specific client cases, and participate in partner meetings as needed. Building robust relationships between outreach liaisons and their designated partners facilitates optimal utilization of these partners, who effectively extend the reach of the DTA.

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