OLGT 2024-2: SNAP: Retrieving 40 Quarter Reports from the Reports Analysis & Protected Information Dashboards (RAPID) System & Converting Earnings from Foreign Currency


The Department previously used Mango Reports to retrieve 40 Quarter
Reports from the Social Security Administration (SSA). Mango Reports were
made available as a part of Actuate Reporting.
In June 2022, the Department’s Actuate Reporting system was replaced by
the Reports Analysis & Protected Information Dashboards (RAPID) system
under Tableau. When Actuate Reporting was replaced by RAPID, the 40
Quarter Reports were also converted to the RAPID system. The Online
Guide has been updated to provide staff with information on how to retrieve
40 quarter information from RAPID.

Additionally, clients may claim quarters worked in certain foreign countries.
When a client provides documentation of earnings received from an
employer in a foreign country, staff must convert the income to US dollars
(USD) to determine if the client has sufficient earnings (in US dollars), to
qualify for work quarters claimed. Two websites have been added to the
Online Guide to aid staff with currency conversion.

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