OLGT 2024-19: Cross Programs: (USES) S.T.E.P. and (BAY-CASH)


Two pilot programs have been added to Universal Basic Income /
Guaranteed Minimum Income Pilots.

(1) United South End Settlements (USES) S.T.E.P. program (Striving Towards Economic Prosperity) provides $800 per month for 16 parents of children enrolled in their youth programs for a period of 18-months to support families working toward increased financial stability. The program is currently in its second cohort.

(2) Starting in 2024, the Boston Area Youth-Cash Assistance for Stable Housing (BAY-CASH) initiative pilot program will provide two cash payments of $600 per month ($1200 total) to approximately 60 unaccompanied unhoused youth (ages 18-24) over a period of two years. Participants can also draw down an additional one-time payment of $3,000 at any time during the pilot to cover a significant expense. The income received from United South End Settlements (USES) S.T.E.P. program and BAY-CASH program is non-countable for all DTA programs.

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