OLGT 2024-18: SNAP: System Enhancements Related to Medical Deduction (Phase One)


In June 2022, Online Guide Transmittal (OLGT) 2022-49 outlined the provisions of the Standard Medical Deduction (SMD) waiver. Under the SMD waiver, elderly and/or disabled clients can self-declare medical expenses if the total monthly amount is less than (or equal to) $190 and have the SMD of $155 applied to the SNAP calculation. To support these efforts, maximize households’ total SNAP benefits, and streamline the medical expense process for eligibility staff, BEACON Medical Expense/Health Insurance pages will undergo significant enhancements. These enhancements will also repair various system defects and make it easier for staff to apply existing regulations related to medical expenses.

In addition, related enhancements will be made to the DTA Connect My Info page (detailed in OLGT 2024-17). The Department will deliver these enhancements in multiple phases. This will be Phase One and is anticipated to be available BEACON beginning March 8, 2024. Enhancements made in subsequent phases will be detailed in future OLGTs.

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