OLGT 2024-10: SNAP: Resumption of SLAM Procedures


When a household claims expenses that are in excess of its income, the
Department considers it a Suspected Living Above Means (SLAM) case. In
this circumstance, staff must explore with the household how it is managing its
finances by comparing the information the client provides with information
known to the Department. If appropriate, additional verification should be

During the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency, the department suspended
most rules pertaining to SLAM. DTA reinstated SLAM procedures for
TAFDC and EAEDC in February 2023. DTA is now resuming SLAM
procedures for SNAP, effective with the issuance of this transmittal.
The SLAM procedures transmitted by this Online Guide update are not new.
These are the same procedures that were in effect prior to COVID-19. The
only updates made to the existing SLAM pages are the use of inclusive
pronouns. SLAM procedures are the same across DTA programs.
References to limited SLAM procedures that were operational during COVID
have been removed from the COVID book.

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