OLGT 2023-86: TAFDC & EAEDC: Assisting Clients with Meeting the Application for Other Benefits Requirements


Clients applying for or receiving Transitional Aid to Families with
Dependent Children (TAFDC) or Emergency Aid to the Elderly, Disabled,
and Children (EAEDC) must verify eligibility factors to be approved for or
continue to receive benefits. Staff are to assist clients to the best of their
ability by accessing available data sources to verify as much information as
possible prior to requesting the information from the client. Clients can face
challenges to obtaining verification of certain eligibility factors such as
applying for other benefits that they may be eligible for, a requirement for the
EAEDC and TAFDC programs. To reduce the burden on clients and promote
access to these important benefits, the Department has developed procedures
for assisting clients with verifying this eligibility factor.

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