OLGT 2023-58B: TAFDC: Pathways to Work – Work Program Rules and Consequences for Not Meeting Work Rules


As part of the TAFDC Pathways to Work redesign, the Department has made a number of changes to how economic assistance and engagement staff support clients in connecting to and participating in activities and meeting the work rules. This work also affects how these rules are operationalized for clients through language, procedural and system changes.

This Transmittal is one of a series that will inform the changes associated with Phase II of the Pathways to Work redesign. These systems changes are planned to take effect on August 14, 2023.

This Transmittal advises staff of changes to the TAFDC work rules and a new process for working with those clients who need to meet those rules. This includes BEACON system changes, how staff address challenges and new client communications to support this effort. It also sets staff expectations around reengaging with clients who are not meeting the work rules and the sanction process for clients who are not engaged.

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