OLGT 2023-16: Cross Program: Temporary COVID-19 Waiver for Collecting Telephonic Signature


Due to technical problems with the Department’s IVR line, there are times when staff are unable to collect telephonic signatures from clients. The Department has obtained a temporary waiver allowing clients to provide a verbal telephonic signature in instances where technical problems prevent them from providing an electronic signature through the IVR line.

The specific procedures for this workaround are detailed in a new Online Guide page in the COVID-19 book. Staff must apply this workaround only if the regular procedures fail due to technical problems. Staff must always begin by using the procedures outlined in the Obtaining a Telephonic Signature section of the Telephonic Signature page.

Only if technical problems prevent the client from providing a telephonic signature through the IVR line, staff must verbally read the Rights and Responsibilities (R&R) to the client. If the client verbally agrees to the R&R and the accuracy of the information they have provided, staff can accept the client’s verbal agreement as their telephonic signature. Afterwards, designated staff must send in a ticket to the Systems Support Helpdesk to report the technical problems with the IVR line. The ticket number must be documented in the BEACON narrative for this case action.

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