OLGT 2022-94: SNAP: Medical Deduction Outreach


As the Department prepares for the eventual expiration of the Public Health Emergency and associated waivers, SNAP households will no longer receive the monthly SNAP Emergency Allotment supplement. Thiswill significantly decrease SNAP benefits for a lot of elderly and/or disabled households. Additionally, because the SNAP interview waivers have reduced contact between clients and staff, it is likely that a lot of elderly and/or disabled clients have unreported medical expenses.

To offset these potential decreases and maximize benefits for this vulnerable population, the Department will perform outreach to elderly and/or disabled SNAP clients who are not currently receiving the medical deduction.

This initiative will utilize the Standard Medical Deduction Waiver (OLGT 2022-49), which allows staff to accept a telephonic self-declaration as verification of medical expenses that are less than or equal to $190 per month.

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