OLGT 2022-86: Cross Program: Discontinuation of the P-EBT Mailbox


Effective immediately, staff must no longer send P-EBT inquiries to the P- EBT Mailbox, as use of the P-EBT Mailbox will be discontinued. P-EBT inquiries must be sent to the Procedural Mailbox by the local office System Information Specialist (SIS) or TAO management.

P-EBT procedures are outlined in the Online Guide. When a worker has a question about P-EBT policy or procedure, the worker must consult the Online Guide. If the worker is still unsure about how to proceed, they must email the question to their supervisor for assistance. If the supervisor is unable to resolve the issue, the supervisor must forward the case details to a TAO’s SIS or managers to be sent to the Procedural Mailbox.

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