OLGT 2022-59: Cross Program: Forms Generated with the Verification Checklist (VC-1)


To better serve clients and increase efficiency for staff, additional forms have been added as addendums to the Verification Checklist (VC-1) in BEACON. These forms when needed, are mailed to the client along with the VC-1.

The following forms can now be generated through central and local print of the VC-1:

  • ABAWD Training Program Information Request Form (TPIR)

  • ABAWD Work Program Participation Report Form (WPPR)

  • ABAWD Work Program Exemption Homeless (WPE-HS)

  • Financial Assistance Form (FA-1)

  • Request for School Employee Information Form (RSEI-1)

  • V eterans V endor Payments Form (VVPF)

    The Verification Chart has been updated to include items previously missing. While these forms listed here are now being generated with the VC-1, some of them such as the ABAWD forms are not in use due to COVID-19 flexibilities. Refer to Work Requirements in the Temporary COVID-19 Verification Procedures.

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