OLGT 2022-56: SNAP: Unclear Information Clarifications


Last December, the Department deployed Online Guide Transmittal 2021-96, which provided clarification on unclear information that is also significantly conflicting. This guidance has not changed: Staff must send a mandatory VC-1 when a client presents information during case maintenance that significantly conflicts with the information used to approve their SNAP case at a prior certification.

After further review of the federal regulations, the Department is now updating the procedures regarding unclear information that is not significantly conflicting.

During case maintenance, if a client provides unclear information that is:

  • not significantly conflicting,

  • less than 60 days old, and

  • potentially required to be reported based on the client’s certification


    then staff must cold call the client. If the cold call is unsuccessful, staff must send a mandatory VC-1 for the missing information and close the case if there is no adequate follow-up by the VC-1 due date.

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