OLGT 2022-47: Cross Program: Updated Child Support Guidance



TAFDC applicants who are receiving child support payments through the Department of Revenue (DOR) or direct payments from the absent parent can continue to do so until their TAFDC is approved. Once approved, all payments received by DOR for a child included in the TAFDC assistance unit will remain with the Commonwealth except for the DEFRA payment of up to $50 per month which is issued to the client. Any direct payments received by the client for a child included in the assistance unit once the TAFDC is approved, must be sent to DOR. DOR has updated the information that must be included when the payment is sent to them.

Additionally, all Online Guide pages referencing “ViewDirect” have been updated to read “Mobius View”, which is the program used by the Department to verify child support orders and payments. A new Online Guide Page with instructions for using Mobius View has also been added. As we make these changes to the Online Guide, we are modifying the language used when referring to clients and staff to language that advances diversity, equity, and inclusion in our work.

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