OLGT 2022-45: Cross Programs: MA Restaurant Meals Program (RMP) Launch



DTA is electing to use the state option to operate a Restaurant Meals Program (RMP) in Massachusetts. As part of program rules, only certain SNAP households will be able to participate in the RMP and purchase meals at MA RMP-approved restaurants using their SNAP benefits. SNAP households are eligible for RMP only if they have a grantee or household member who is:

  • Homeless; and/or

  • Federally certified as disabled; and/or

  • 60 years or older

    Eligible SNAP households will be automatically enrolled in the RMP and allowed to use their EBT cards at participating restaurant locations.

    Any household receiving cash benefits from DTA (including combo cases) may purchase meals with their cash benefits at MA RMP-approved restaurants. If a combo case household meets the RMP eligibility criteria for SNAP households, they may use both their SNAP and cash benefits at MA RMP-approved restaurants.

    DTA will implement a pilot phase rollout of the RMP in 2022. The first application period for restaurants interested in participating in the RMP will be from June 1, 2022 to August 31, 2022. Due to the time needed to select and onboard restaurants, eligible DTA households are not expected to be able to use their SNAP and/or cash benefits at RMP-approved restaurants until fall or winter of 2022.

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