OLGT 2021-90: Cross Program: Prepaid Return Envelope


To support remote work a Request for Return Envelopes option is being added to the Letter Request tab in BEACON. This option, scheduled to be available beginning December 7, 2021, will allow staff to send pre-paid return envelopes to clients. The Letter Request functionality has existed in BEACON for some time, to generate forms and notices that do not require a Verification Checklist (VC-1). A new Online Guide page has been created to provide instruction on how to generate an item using the Letter Request function. The Request for Return Envelope has been added as a new Letter Request option.

The prepaid envelope will be sent with a Request for Return Envelope Notice. This notice will inform clients that they have requested a prepaid return envelope and will advise of other ways to submit their document(s).

Requests for Return Envelopes are limited to three per day per client. If staff attempt to generate more than three return envelopes per client BEACON will display the pop-up message: “Request for Return Envelope can only be requested three times for a client per day.”

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