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OLGT 2021-56: SNAP: MassHealth SNAP Application Supplement


The Department has been working with MassHealth and the Executive Office of Health and Human Services to better connect clients with services for which they are eligible and streamline the application process. The primary goal of these efforts is to ensure that MassHealth clients who are likely eligible for SNAP based on financial and nonfinancial circumstances, are aware and able to apply in a simplified manner if they wish.

In March 2020 the Department, in collaboration with MassHealth, implemented the SNAP Application Supplement, in an attempt to reduce the SNAP Gap. The SNAP Gap is a term used to describe the variance between client participation in Medicaid health insurance provided by MassHealth and client participation in SNAP through the Department of Transitional Assistance (DTA) as the majority are eligible for both programs.

Previously, the MassHealth application included a supplement which captured a recipient’s interest in applying for SNAP and collected basic demographic information about the head of household, to provide a simplified SNAP application.

The Department is now expanding the collaboration with MassHealth to include other MassHealth application forms and MassHealth renewal forms. MassHealth has also modified their application and renewal forms to include a checkbox that allows MassHealth applicants to simultaneously apply for SNAP benefits.

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