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OLGT 2021-33: SNAP: Standardized Procedures for SNAP Emergency Allotments


As part of the Families First Coronavirus Act of 2020, Massachusetts obtained a waiver from FNS to issue Emergency Allotments to eligible SNAP households each month. When the Emergency Allotment is issued, the additional benefit brings the SNAP household up to the maximum benefit level for their household size.

FNS recently issued new guidance that beginning with April’s Emergency Allotments, households that are already receiving the maximum SNAP benefit amount for their household size or are receiving SNAP Emergency Allotments of less than $95 per month are now eligible to receive the base SNAP Emergency Allotment payment of $95.

SNAP Emergency Allotment payments will not change for households who had been receiving Emergency Allotment benefits of $95 or more per month.

SNAP Emergency Allotments will be issued on the second business day of the month for all eligible SNAP households. Previously, applicant households that were approved for SNAP would receive their SNAP Emergency Allotment soon after approval. Eligible applicant households will now receive their Emergency Allotment on the second business day of the month following approval.

When the SNAP Emergency Allotments are finalized each month, staff will be notified to confirm the action.

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