OLGT 2019-87: SNAP: Bay State CAP Phase I Clarifications and High Shelter CAP Update


If the Bay State Client Options form or self-declaration to opt-out is incorrectly coded as Verification and is sent as an action through the general FAW pool, you must re-index the document as Bay State CAP Client Options Form and disposition it as Pending Agency Review. This will redirect the document to the appropriate action pool for the Central Case Management Office (CCMO).  This will allow CCMO staff to pull the action and process the document. Case managers must write a detailed narrative stating that the form was re-indexed and dispositioned the document for CCMO staff.  A call to the CCMO is not necessary.
However, if a cash case closes, and the client is subsequently approved for Bay State CAP and immediately requests to opt-out by submitting a Bay State CAP Client Options form, the form will be assigned to the cash case manager within the first thirty days of the case closing.  When this happens, the cash case manager must have his or her supervisor contact the CCMO to assign the document for the CCMO to process.
If a client is no longer eligible for Bay State CAP or would receive a higher benefit on regular SNAP, do not initiate an opt-out request to send the Bay State Client Options form to the client. Opting-out of Bay State CAP is for clients who are otherwise eligible for Bay State CAP reporting and who would receive a higher SNAP amount on Bay State CAP.

In addition to the above information, the High Shelter CAP was changed from $453 to $481.

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