OLGT 2019-83: SNAP: SNAP Attributed Amount (Riverside Rule) Update


SNAP regulations prohibit an increase in SNAP benefits when a household’s benefits under another federal or state means-tested program as defined in 106 CMR 360.030(G) have been decreased or suspended (but not terminated) due to fraud or a failure to comply with a requirement of an Economic Assistance benefit program. This rule is referred to as the Riverside Rule. In these instances, the amount added to the SNAP benefit calculation to reflect the decreased or suspended Economic Assistance benefit is called the SNAP Attributed Amount.
The Online Guide has been updated with clarifications regarding the removal of the SNAP Attributed Amount. 
This Online Guide update obsoletes Operations Memo 2006-6: No Increase in FS as a Result of Cash Program Sanction—BEACON Automation of Riverside Rule.

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