OLGT 2019-60: TSNAP: Bay State CAP Phase I


Bay State CAP clients can choose to opt-out of Bay State CAP reporting at any time. Clients who would like to opt-out of Bay State CAP reporting must complete a Bay State Client Options form or provide a signed self-declaration stating that s/he no longer wants to be on Bay State CAP Reporting. If a client chooses to opt-out of Bay State CAP reporting, the household will be placed on EDSAP or Simplified Reporting. A conversion notice will be mailed to the client advising of the new certification type and reporting responsibilities. Additionally, cases with a Bay State CAP closing reason sourced from the SDX batch will no longer be subject to a shortened 3-month certification period, but will be converted to EDSAP or Simplified Reporting, based on household circumstances. All First Available Workers have the authority to initiate a client’s request to opt out of Bay State CAP. Initiating the opt-out on BEACON will prompt the system to automatically send an optional VC-1 with the Bay State CAP Client Options form to the client. When the form is returned, the processing necessary to complete the opt out is restricted to certain Central Office staff and TAO managers. 

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