OLGT 2019-40: Cross Program: Spring 2019 Post Webinar Online Guide Update


Based upon feedback received from Supervisor Webinars and through the Procedural Mailbox, clarifications have been made to the Online Guide.  
This transmittal is primarily focused on updates to recently transmitted Online Guide topics dealing with revised and online submission of Interim Reports (IR) and recertification forms, and verifying 40 Quarters. 
Reformatting the IR and Recertification forms, coupled with the new capacity to accept both online, generated several questions about previously established procedures for processing SLAM, No Change IRs, and medical expenses.  Other clarifications have been provided based on other comments received and as deemed necessary.
The Online Guide pages included in this transmittal reflect the following changes: 

  • Clarification of reporting versus verifying 
  • Explanation regarding the $25 reporting threshold for medical expenses at Interim Report (IR) and Recertification for Simplified Reporting and Change Reporting, and when verifications are required  
  • Guidance to assist staff when speaking to clients who inquire if expense changes are required to be reported at IR 
  • Updates to procedures regarding the processing of IRs with missing shelter and/or utility information when changes are reported 
  • Clarification of processing No Change IRs with Program Integrity Checklist matches
  • Explanation of when the BEACON screening for No Change IRs will occur 
  • Updated narrative guidelines for No Change IRs
  • Clarification regarding how to handle reported changes in status (e.g. noncitizen, students, etc.) at IR 
  • Identifies limitations of the Division of Unemployment Assistance (DUA) data match relative to verification of income  
  • Clarification of what constitutes increased or continued Suspected of Living Above Means (SLAM) circumstances at SNAP Recertification or Cash Reevaluation 
  • Corrected Benefit Effective Dates for SNAP Clients from Another State example
  • Updated procedures for the verification of 40 Quarters
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