OLGT 2019-35: SNAP: Verifying 40 Quarters


Legal Permanent Residents (LPRs) with 40 qualifying work quarters are eligible for SNAP benefits.  Additionally, federal regulations allow the Department to issue SNAP benefits for six months to LPRs who self-declare that they have 40 qualifying work quarters. But to continue issuing such benefits after six months, the Department requires documentary evidence.

To help the Department obtain this verification, SSA has developed the Quarters of Coverage History System (QCHS).  QCHS enables the Department to obtain work quarter verification electronically.  QCHS requests are sent through BEACON based on information entered into the appropriate pages.  After six months, the results from the work quarter request can be viewed in the Mango Report Viewer on the BEACON home page.
When dealing with LPR applicants who claim to have 40 qualifying work quarters, case managers must accurately enter the applicant’s non-citizen information in the BEACON Legal Permanent Resident page so that the QCHS request is sent.  This will allow eligible LPRs to continue receiving SNAP benefits without interruption.

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