OLGT 2019-34: SNAP: Benefit Effective Dates for SNAP Clients from Other States


Individuals or families who have just moved to Massachusetts often seek assistance from the Department by applying for SNAP benefits, but have received SNAP benefits in their former state in the month preceding the month of application.  
When processing such cases, case managers must ensure that: 

  • the certification period in Massachusetts does not overlap with certification period in the other state, and  
  • there is no overlap of benefit issuance for the same month, as this would be duplicate participation.

It is important to remember that other states have different SNAP benefit issuance schedules than Massachusetts. For example, a client who would receive benefits on the 1st of the month in Massachusetts may receive them on the 5th of the month in another state.
As the Department strives to maintain program integrity, we must ensure that clients do not receive more benefits than they are entitled to.

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