OLGT 2016-35: SNAP – Outbound Auto Dialer Calls from the DTA Assistance Line


Scheduled for August 11, 2016, the DTA Assistance Line will be equipped with the functionality to place automated outbound calls.

SNAP clients with scheduled telephone appointments will receive a phone call at their scheduled appointment time. This functionality will be utilized for telephonic application and recertification appointments.

Callers who elect to receive a Courtesy Call Back during periods of high volume will receive an automated call by the DTA Assistance Line within the predesignated timeframe. Case managers will no longer monitor the list of callers who elect to receive a Courtesy Call Back.

A client who answers the outbound call for a scheduled SNAP telephone appointment or Courtesy Call Back will be connected to the First Available Worker in the Phone Queue who receives the call as if it were an incoming call to the DTA Assistance Line. This process eliminates the need to manually dial clients for scheduled telephone interviews and Courtesy Call Back requests.

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