OLGT 2016-29: TAFDC – Pre-Benefit Job Search and Pathways to Self-Sufficiency


One of the Department’s goals is to assist all clients in moving toward economic self-sufficiency and an improved quality of life. For TAFDC work program required clients, ESP required clients as well as those who are eligible to volunteer to participate in an ESP activity, Pathways to Self- Sufficiency (PSS) is the vehicle for reaching that goal. It is the tool that will help us assess the client’s challenges and strengths allowing us to refer them to appropriate supports and services.

Effective with BEACON Release 48.4, scheduled for June 27, 2016, several enhancements aimed at reinvigorating the focus of TAFDC as a means to moving toward economic self-sufficiency are being made. This will be done through the Pre-Benefit Job Search screening and the Pathways to Self-Sufficiency assessment.

The Pre-Benefit Job Search screening is a set of eight questions which will determine which TAFDC applicants and reapplicants must do job search as a condition of eligibility. This will serve as an opportunity to focus clients from day one on moving towards economic self-sufficiency and work. 

As part of PSS, the Department will establish an economic independence goal for all clients and document the progress being made towards that goal. The steps towards that goal will be individualized based on the needs of the particular client. PSS will be used to emphasize TAFDC as a transitional benefit, the importance of working to secure economic self-sufficiency, the supports available and the benefits of not needing public assistance.

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