OLGT 2016-18: Cross Programs – Unaccessed Benefits on EBT Cards


This Online Guide Transmittal updates several pages in the EBT book and clarifies the following processes of moving and storing benefits on EBT cards:

  • Effective October 2014, SNAP benefits are no longer moved offline after 6 months.
  • Effective February 2016, SNAP benefits are expunged when there are not any SNAP purchases or returns against the EBT account for 365 days.
  • Benefits that were available for 365 days are expunged when an account has been inactive for 365 days.

Example: A client is issued $50 in SNAP benefits each month. The EBT account is not used for 365 days, beginning February 3, 2015. On February 4, 2016, any benefits that were available on February 3, 2015 are expunged.

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