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OLGT 2015-20: MAP Release 5.0 Enhancements


Overview My Account Page (MAP) Release 5.0, implemented March 15, 2015, included the
following updates and enhancements to DTA’s MAP website page:

  • In the Consumer Search section, the client is no longer asked to enter a zip code to view benefit information.
  • In the Benefits section and the Extended Permission to Share Information section, the DTA Recipient Services phone number has been changed to the phone number for the statewide DTA Assistance Line.
  • In the Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) section, text has been added to provide clients with information about DTA eNotification and how to opt-in or opt-out to receive email alerts when notices are posted to their MAP accounts. This new text includes a link for the client to use to learn more about eNotification and how to sign up.
  • In the My Office Information section for SNAP, specific TAO, case manager and supervisor information has been replaced by the DTA Assistance Line phone number and a link to a Transitional Assistance Office page.
  • In the DTA Benefits Page, a new section has been added to list client documents mailed or faxed by the client and received by the Electronic Document Management Center (EDMC). The section will include information about document type, date received by the EDMC and processing status.
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