OLGT 2015-14: TAFDC – Teen Parents Living in Teen Parenting Program (TPP)


A Teen Parenting Program (TPP) is a residential facility which provides a structured living environment for pregnant and parenting female teens and their children. A teen parent and her child may be required to live in a TPP when:

  • the teen parent is homeless or cannot live at home with her parent(s) because domestic violence, abuse, neglect, substance abuse, or other extraordinary circumstance in the home is confirmed by a Department of Children and Families assessment;
  • there is no adult relative age 20 or older or legal guardian with whom the teen parent can live; and
  • the teen parent does not meet the qualifications for living independently.

The purpose of this transmittal is to remind staff that:

  • teens living in TPPs are required to pay a portion of their grant to the TPP facility where they are living;
  • these teen parents are entitled to the appropriate SNAP expense deductions, found in 106 CMR 364.400;
  • no income-in-kind deductions are required for TAFDC purposes.
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