OLGT 2015-10: Responding to Concerns about Child Abuse and/or Neglect


Department of Transitional Assistance staff may be informed of or observe warning signs of child abuse or neglect at any point during the application process or at any point thereafter. If you feel that the safety or well-being of a child is in jeopardy, as a mandated reporter, you must make a referral to the Department of Children and Families (DCF). Speak with local office management for assistance with the referral process.

For allegations of abuse and/or neglect, you must immediately file a Child Abuse and/or Neglect report (51A) by calling the local DCF Area Office and following up the oral report with a written 51A report within 48 hours. A list of DCF Area Office phone numbers, the written 51A report form and procedures for filing the form can be found on the DCF website at: www.mass.gov/dcf. Also available on the DCF website is extensive information on warning signs of child abuse/neglect, the referral process and DCF services for families in need.

The following book has been added to the Cross-Program section of the Online Guide: Responding to Concerns about Child Abuse and/or Neglect.

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