OLGT 2015-05: SNAP: Household Misfortune Procedures


SNAP policy allows for the replacement of food lost during a household misfortune, such as a fire, flood, loss of electricity, equipment malfunction (such as refrigerator or freezer) or other disaster. Replacement is limited to the value of the food lost, not to exceed the total monthly benefit amount.

For example, loss of food due to a fire often means that the entire monthly SNAP benefit must be replaced, while other situations, such as a loss of electricity, may result in only a portion of the benefit (e.g., perishable food) being replaced.

Clients may request replacement benefits because of a misfortune that is restricted to their household or because of a more widespread misfortune that has impacted a town, county, state or region.

This Online Guide Update is being issued to include procedures for handling household misfortune situations.

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