National Unaccompanied Children Resource Center

Immigration Advocates Network, American Bar Association, Pro Bono Net

The Unaccompanied Children Resource Center offers free legal resources and information for advocates and immigrants.  

Children and their families or guardians can find out more by clicking on "Do you need legal help?" There is a map to help find a lawyer, and information about immigration papers, immigration court, who can stay in the United States, how to take good care of an immigration case, and answers to other questions.   

Lawyers and accredited representatives can click on "Are you an attorney who can help?" for a directory of volunteer opportunities, basic and advanced information on immigration law, links for technical support, a calendar of events, news and more.

This website is a project of the Immigration Advocates Network, American Bar Association, and  Pro Bono Net. It includes resources developed by our partners and other immigrants' rights advocates. 

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