National Language Access Advocates Network (N-LAAN)


The National Language Access Advocates Network (N-LAAN) is a national organization that supports and engages in effective advocacy to eradicate language discrimination and promote language rights. N-LAAN provides a forum for language access advocates to develop expertise, share resources and devise strategy. It serves as a voice for its members in advocating for better policies and laws and for more effective enforcement of language rights. N-LAAN maintains a closed list serve for public interest lawyers and advocate members to provide a mechanism of communication regarding language access advocacy. To join the list serve, please email 


N-LAAN also maintains a library of resources regarding national language access advocacy work on their website, you must be a member in order to access the majority of resources. If you join this site, you will have access to information on language rights, including trainings, legal analysis of issues, models of solutions that have worked in other states, information on how language rights have been interpreted and enforced in many areas of law affecting low income and immigrant communities, etc.

Membership to N-LAAN is highly recommended to advocates who work closely with LEP communities or who are interested in language access advocacy.

To access the site, click "Go to Website" link below.