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Myths about the 10-Year Law Fotonovela

Iris Gomez, MLRI

**NEW (March 2018): Fotonovela Is Now Available in Haitian Creole!**


Fotonovela Printing Instructions:


If you want to print your own copy of “Maria and Jesus, Their Four Children, and Some Myths About the 10-Year Law,” you have two options. You can print each page of the fotonovela as a full sheet of 8.5 x 11 printer paper (Option 1), or you can print a 4.25x11 booklet (Option 2).

  1. Option 1: 8.5x 11 single sheets:
  • Download the “Option 1” PDF in the language of your choice by clicking on the links below and print. If you are printing double-sided and want to be able to flip through the pages like a book, select “Flip on long side of page.”

Option 1 English

Option 1 Spanish

Option 1 Haitian Creole

  1. Option 2: 4.25 x 11 booklet:
  • Download the “Option 2” PDF in the language of your choice by clicking on the links below.
  • Print, making sure to select double-sided printing and “Flip on short side of page”
  • Three pages will print. The right side of the first page will have the title on it. Fold the stack of three pages so that the title page is on top.
  • Staple the middle of the third page

Option 2 English

Option 2 Spanish

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