Multilingual Interpreter Rights and Requests for Help posters and cards

Massachsuetts Law Reform Institute

The following are links to various posters, flyers and "I Speak" cards.  These materials are translated into many languages.  They help clients who have limited proficiency in English to ask for help and service, including legal services, and to learn about their rights to an interpreter.

I Speak [Spanish, French, Chinese, Etc.] Cards

  • USDA I Speak Checklist (identifying language spoken by client)
  • Census Bureau Checklist ("Mark this box if you read or speak [one of 37 languages, listed separately]")
  • State of Ohio Office of Criminal Justice Services guide to identify language of LEP individuals. 
  • MN Dept of Human Services, "I Need an Interpreter" card.

Right to An Interpreter Posters

  • This is a flyer or poster that says in 30 languages: "You have the right to an interpreter at no cost to you. Please point to your language. An interpreter will be called. Please wait." (This poster is a modified version of an Interpreter Services poster first prepared by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.)
  • Edit and adapt your own Right to an Interpreter Poster by downloading a Word file, all the fonts you need for 32 languages and instructions.
  • If you need an interpreter to read this brochure . . . (prepared by Legal Aid Society of Mid New York, 9 languages)
  • Right to a Medical Interpreter A flyer/ poster by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health stating that "You have the right to a medical interpreter at no cost to you"