Moving Benefit for SSI Recipients: $150 Cash Payment from DTA

The Massachusetts Department of Transitional Assistance (DTA) is in charge of issuing Supplemental Security Income (SSI) recipients up to $150 for moving costs if they meet certain rules. 
              Who is eligible for up to $150?
SSI recipients who moved or are moving because:
The home they are leaving was certified as substandard, 
They have to leave because of health problems or lack of safety in the neighborhood,
They are moving into federal or state subsidized housing, or
They are forced to move for other reasons. 
              How often should DTA pay SSI recipients a moving benefit?
Once every 12 months. 
              How does an SSI recipient ask for the moving benefit?
DTA does not currently have procedures or protocols in place to respond to requests for the moving benefit. DTA should send the SSI recipient an invoice to complete in order to get the payment, but DTA workers may not know what to do. 
Please click here and fill out this form if you think you or a client you are working with should get a moving benefit. MLRI will follow up with you when we are able to. 
Attached is a flier about this benefit. Please distribute widely. 
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