MLRI's summary of House 2


We ended last week's HCWG meeting early in order to attend the EOHHS budget briefing but didn't intend to end it so abruptly. Sorry about that! 

This is a link to MLRI's preliminary analysis of the Governor's proposed budget for FY 2025 which was filed last Wednesday.

MLRI Preliminary Analysis of House 2

In the MassHealth budget key issues are the extent to which uncertainty in the results of the "unwinding" may require further adjustments in the FY 2025 budget later in the process and the first proposal in many years to restrict a current benefit-- the personal care attendant benefit.  The MassHealth budget in House 2 also proposes positive initiatives for wheelchair repair, ending CMSP copayments and investing in new or expanded programs for doula services (new in Dec 2023), pre-release services for incarcerated people (awaiting CMS approval), and the expanded Medicare Savings Programs (asset test to be eliminated March 2024).

This is a link to a  MassHealth Budget Brief   released with House 2 and to an EOHHS Powerpoint