In the Matter of KC, FH# 2018-1352

Carmen Colon
Reversed - DCF did not have reasonable cause to support allegations of physical abuse and neglect against Appellant daycare staff member when no corroborative evidence was given and the three children involved provided inconsistent statements. Evidence from other teachers and other parents painted Appellant in a good light, while students told their parents they felt safe and were not scared of Appellant. No student other than the three involved students reported seeing Appellant hurt a child. Support of these allegations did not reflect the entire record, which shows the three involved children told different stories and/or refused to answer questions regarding Appellant; one child deflected questions, asking the interviewer to ask his mom instead. Lastly, DCF did not present sufficient evidence to show that Appellant neglected the children and placed them in danger or posed substantial risk to their safety or well-being given the lack of injuries to all three children.
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