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In the Matter of HW and DW, FH# 2017-0214

Anna L. Joseph

Affirmed - DCF had reasonable cause to revoke Appellant Foster Parents’ license and remove children from their pre-adoptive kinship home where: (1) Appellant Foster Parents appear to be sabotaging relationship between children and birth parents by having children call them “mommy and daddy” against the recommendation of DCF; (2) Appellant Foster Parents fail to consistently supervise children and comply with DCF requirements, including providing adequate supports to children with trauma and/or mental health issues; (3) Appellant Foster Parents’ mental health issues, personal hygiene, and conditions in their home interfered with caring for the children; (4) Appellant Foster Parents had previous unsupported 51B reports; and (5) Appellant Foster Parents’ reports about child’s behavior differed from information obtained from child’s school.

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