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MassHealth's May 2021 Changes to its COVID Continuous Coverage Protections


Attached is a memo written by MLRI explaining MassHealth's guidance issued on May 4, 2021 describing certain changes in the continuous coverage protections in place during the federal public health emergency including advocacy that may be needed to protect some people from losing access to benefits under new policy  The MassHealth Guidance and a template for the protection notices referred to in the memo are posted here.

The protection from loss of coverage will remain in place during the federal public health emergency which is expected to continue throughout 2021. Most people will not experience any change in benefits. For those who are notified of a change in beneifts under the new policy, in most cases, advocates can help people to retain full access to the benefits they need.


July 6, 2021 Update: MassHealth further modified the COVID protection to allow dually eligible individuals no longer eligible for their current coverage but eligible for a Medicare Savings Program to lose all but their MSP coverage. As of Sept. 3, 2021 it  has not updated its May 2021 guidance which by its terms does not authorize a downgrade from MassHealth Standard to MSP during the PHE. All the public-facing MassHealth documents still inform members that their coverage will not end during the PHE with limited exceptions. Members who do not return renewal forms or respond to  requests for information and duals who are no longer eligible for any coverage remain protected in their current coverage.  See our COVID Changes Table for relevant citations. Please let us know if you see any of these downgrade cases: or

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