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MassHealth Eligibility Operations Memo 11-03: SSA Match to Verify Citizenship and Identity


New and easier way for U.S. Citizens to proven citizenship to MassHealth

In March 2011, MassHealth began verifying US citizenship through a data match with the Social Security Administration instead of requiring US citizen applicants to supply documents proving citizenship. If the social security number system is UNABLE to provide a citizenship match, the citizen-applicant will be enrolled & given 90 days to provide proof of citizenship. No one should be denied based on lack of an SSN match --there are several reasons why the match may not work for all US citizens. Attached is the April 2011 Eligibility Operations Memo describing the new procedures.

The new system will be used for new applicants and at scheduled renewals for US citizens who have not yet verified citizenship. About 20,000 US citizens are only getting Health Safety Net services because they have been unable to supply paper documentation of citizenship. Currently, the Office of Medicaid has no plans to use the new system for these individuals until they come up for their annual HSN renewal. We don't know if it will work for these individuals to file a new MBR or VG application to get the benefit of the new matching system —but we think under the federal option the state should use the new system for all new applicants for MassHealth or Commonwealth Care.

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