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Massachusetts SNAP Caseload and SNAP Zip Code Data and Interactive Map - comparing Jan 2014 with October 2015

Many of you have asked for SNAP data by city/town or Zip code on the impact of the SNAP caseload reduction in Massachusetts.  While the SNAP caseload has indeed started to turn the corner and increase since May 2015, the MA caseload has still suffered a serious decline.  We are providing you with a couple ways to look at the data:

  • Attached below is our "hockey stick" image of the SNAP caseload in MA - but the chart also shows an important uptick that started in May 2015 and has held through June and July! See state monthly SNAP data posted by FRAC at the following webpage: We are VERY encouraged by the steps that DTA and EOHHS have taken to both stop the drop and address the many problems in the DTA system, but our work is not done!
  • Attached is an Excel spreadsheet with the MA SNAP active case data as of 10/29/15. This spreadsheet lists both by number of individual SNAP recipients and cases (households). The Excel file also includes TAFDC and EAEDC cash assistance data by community and Zip.
  • Below is a link to an interactive Tableau SNAP map which allows you identify the SNAP decline in each community, as well as identify the most serious SNAP caseload drop off in each community by aggregate numbers. Please remember, the SNAP (and cash) caseload is dynamic data, which means it fluctuates a lot so this may not be 100% accurate but gives you a very good "SNAP-shot" of local communities. This SNAP interactive map was created by our new AmeriCorps Volunteer Zachary Ezor. Thank you Zack !!!

Click here to view Tableau SNAP map.

A couple of important tips in viewing the interactive map:

  • Use the filters at the top for % change and change in # of clients to view the drop within ranges. Just slide along the filter.
  • Hover over a Zip code to see more of the raw data (the 2013 and 2015 numbers, and the % change)
  • If you cannot figure out the geographic location via the map, refer to the Excel spreadsheet to identify the name of the town (we are still working on how to include the city/ town in the info bubble).

NEXT Boston-based SNAP Coalition meeting, Tuesday, December 1st from 10 to Noon. More details to follow.