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Massachusetts Loses TWO Anti-Poverty Troubadours: Ashley Speicher and Jeanne Dever

It is with great sadness we report that in just the past few days, Massachusetts has lost two amazing and beloved anti-hunger advocates:

Jeanne Dever of Dorchester, was a lifelong anti-poverty activist in Boston passed away on May 27, 2012. Jeanne was active in the Boston Tenant's Task Force, the National Welfare Rights Union, current Board member of Survivor's Inc, and the lead plaintiff in a 1993 federal lawsuit (Dever v Spirito) to protect food stamp/SNAP benefits for families whose cash assistance was ending. Jeanne also believed that civil disobedience (breaking a small law) was often the most effective route to expose bigger crimes perpetrated against poor and homeless people in this country. The Coalition extends its deepest sympathies to Jeanne's children, family, friends and Board members. For more information on Jeanne's life and work, please go to the following link:
Ashley Speicher of Salem, who worked at Action Inc. in Gloucester died this past Saturday. Ashley was a member of the Food SNAP Coalition, and advocated on countless SNAP cases with the North Shore DTA. She was passionate and skilled anti-hunger and disability rights advocate. Ashley was the recipient of many awards for her volunteer efforts. She was crowned Miss Wheelchair Massachusetts in 2009 to further her advocacy for those with disabilities. We extend our deepest sympathies to her family, friends and to her colleagues at Action Inc.  For more information on Ashley's life and work, please go to the following link: