Massachusetts Elementary and Secondary Education Data


The Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) provides a wide range of data about Massachusetts schools, students and teachers.  Online reports about Massachusetts students can be found at and include data in the following areas:

  • Graduation Rates
  • Grade Retention
  • Dropout Rates
  • Enrollment Data
  • Enrollment in Institutions of Higher Education
  • Plans of High School Graduates
  • Mobility Rates
  • Student Exclusions
  • District Data Reports
  • State Profile

DDESE Statewide profiles inlcud information about various student populations, teacher salaries, per pupil expenditures, class size,a nd more.  Date is shown for each school district and for the entire state.

MCAS 2013 results are online at 

MCAS Technical Reports contain data and technical information regarding MCAS, including supporting documentation and data, various analyses, sample reports, and guidelines.  The purpose of hte 2011 MCAS and MCAS-Alt Technical Report is to document the quality and characteristics of the 2011 MCAS tests, to present evidence of the validity and reliability of test score interpretations, and to describe modifications made to the program in 2011.  at