March & Nov 2021 Update of FPL Tables in MassHealth & Health Connector

MassHealth & MLRI

Attached are updated Tables from MassHealth and MLRI showing the upper income levels for MassHealth and Health Connector programs. It is updated to show the cost of living adjustments for 2021 that take effect in MassHealth programs on March 1, 2021.

The Health Connector uses the 2020 federal poverty levels that were in effect when open enrollment began in Nov 2020 for  for 2021 coverage and sticks with the 2020 FPL for determining eligibility for coverage throughout 2021, but in Nov 2021,  the Health Connector uses the 2021 federal poverty levels for 2022 coverage. Consult the Mar 2021 Table for someone applying for coverage in 2021, and the Nov 2021 Table for someone applying for coverage in 2022.