MAOA v Sharp

First Circuit

Mass. Assoc. Older Americans (MAOA) v. Sharp, 700 F.2d 749 (1st Cir. 1983), contempt order upheld (1st Cir. 10/15/86). State-wide class action involving a number of application issues in the administration of the state Medicaid program, including issues of application delay and automatic termination of Medicaid recipients when found no longer eligible for financial assistance. Class certified but preliminary injunctions denied. On February 15, 1983, the First Circuit held that the Department could not automatically terminate Medicaid benefits for families who lost AFDC benefits because of the new AFDC stepparent deeming provisions. On May 25, 1983, a permanent injunction issued in all Medicaid automatic termination cases. On 10/15/86, First Circuit upheld order of contempt. DPW now required to give all SSI-related Medicaid clients four months for any redetermination.