Legal Education Guides for LEP Clients

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An assortment of ten guides is provided to assist individuals, particularly those with Limited English Proficiency (“LEP”), navigate the judicial system. The guides are available in English, Spanish, Tagalog and Vietnamese. The following list outlines the guides' content:

  1. Preparing for Court
    1. Outlines the preliminary steps to take when preparing for a court appearance.
  2. Working with an interpreter in a legal setting
    1. Offers guidance on how best to utilize an interpreter when seeking assistance from a legal representative.
  3. Finding immigration information
    1. Outlines the legitimate avenues for seeking advice on immigration matters.
  4. Legal Aid and other low-cost help
    1. Outlines the function of legal aid, what sorts of individuals are likely to gain access to legal aid (typically indigent individuals), and other low-cost assistance when legal aid is not available.
  5. Court fees and getting court fees waived
    1. Outlines the sorts of fees association with litigation and the rules regulating when and to what extent these fees can be waived.
  6. The differences between criminal and civil court
    1. Contrasts criminal and civil procedure.
  7. The differences between Federal, State and Local laws
    1. Outlines the distinct jurisdictional competence of the Federal, State and Local levels of government. 
  8. Getting Legal Assistance in your language: Language access rights at legal aid offices
    1. Outlines the substance of the ‘language access right’, which agencies are mandated to fulfill this obligation, and what remedial steps can be taken when this right is violated.
  9. Your right to assistance in your language: Basic information about Federal Language access rights
    1. See 8.a.
  10. Overview of Legal Services Statewide websites
    1. Outlines the function of Legal Services.


The purpose of the guides is to provide access to legal information for individuals without attorney representation. 

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