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Joint USDA/USCIS Letter on Public Charge, Updated Resource Materials for Cuban/Haitian Entrants

Before the long weekend, we are excited to share some important updates and resource from USDA and USCIS that may be helpful in your SNAP and cash advocacy for the immigrant communities you serve.

USDA and USCIS issue joint letter to state on SNAP and public charge 

On Wednesday, January 12th, USDA and the USCIS (Citizenship and Immigration Service) issued excellent joint guidance that reinforces the policy receipt of SNAP benefits do NOT harm immigrant headed households applying for themselves or their eligible family members.  

USDA and USCIS have included a sample notice (pg 2) that states can use to communicate this information 

And USDA Under Secretary Stacy Dean issued this guidance to states, reminding states that outreach to immigrant households is one of USDA’s top priorities for State Outreach Plans.

A deep bow to the Biden Administration for this critical guidance. Please distribute this broadly to your networks.

Benefits for Cuban/Haitian Entrants – Guidance from US HHS Office of Refugee Resettlement 

The US Dept of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Office of Refugee Resettlement has updated resource materials that help clarify which Cuban and Haitian nationals qualify for Refugee Resettlement Benefits (a form of cash assistance for roughly 8 months from entry as a refugee or granting of an eligible status) and includes persons who were granted parole, have a pending asylum case, are in removal proceedings. (Note, these criteria still apply even if the Cuban or Haitian also has another status, like TPS).  These categories of immigrant status also applies to Cubans or Haitians seeking TAFDC and/or SNAP benefits

Here’s the DHHS constituent-facing "Benefits for Cuban/Haitian Entrants" in multiple language from ORR: on the right-hand side under "Other" and “New.”

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