The Iowa Guide to Changing Legal Identity Documents

University of Iowa Law and Policy in Action Clinic for the University of Iowa LGBTQQ Health Clinic

A Handbook and Roadmap for Transgender Individuals Interested in Changing Their Legal Name and Gender on Government and Personal Records and Accounts.

From the intro:

In this day and age, every person must show some form of identification to open a bank account, apply for a credit card, borrow money, rent an apartment, obtain employment, board an airplane, buy or rent a car, and conduct other day-to-day transactions. Many ID cards and records include our legal name, gender, a recent picture, and other personal information. Agencies and organizations have different rules and forms, which make it difficult for the public to obtain or update identity documents. Transgender individuals may confront additional obstacles while negotiating systems that are based on a person’s sex designation at birth. This guide is designed to provide a roadmap and basic instructions for changing your legal name and gender on important identity documents and records. It was created by Clinic Law Students and faculty of the University of Iowa Law and Policy in Action Clinic in conjunction with the University’s LGBTQQ health clinic.

Although some of the materials are state specific, the guide also addresses changing passports, social security cards, immigration documents and other non state specific forms.